Language Pack

Version 1.0.5 and below

Dutch (Translated by Martijn Geurts)

French (Translated by Dhoinine Soidine)

German (Translated by Timmish)

Romanian (Translated by Vasile Rusnac)

Russian (Translated by Vasile Rusnac)

(Translated by Per Broberg)

Version 1.0.6

Bosnian (Translated by Faruk Garic)

Italian (Translated by

Portuguese (Translated by Tom C.)

Spanish (Translated by Joel Osorio)

Vietnamese (Translated by TC)

You can still use the translation files from the previous versions for the newest version, just translate the extra texts for the new version.

Download the language pack (12 KB)

If you would like to share your translations with other or update the current translation to a newest version, please send your language file to , Thanks.

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